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so.... [Jan. 19th, 2006|12:32 am]
i am alive. it seems as though every time i come onto this thing, i reinstate my life. :) well, mainly because things get so busy and shitty that i don't really feel like conversing with real people?

i have become increasingly unhappy at work. i dread going in. i want to leave. i don't know it is the people, the place, the fact i haven't had my womanly time since november...?? maybe a combination of all three.
i am considering going back to school to become a montessori teacher... to work with babies primarily. to help them grow and function, blah blah blah. just the thought and idea make me happy inside. i want to contact a school here in houston and observe on one of my days off.

my friends. i keep meaning to call you. i work over 50 hours a week on a slow week. i am tired. i am in a different time zone. :) shit happens. i need time off and i just got back a month ago. maybe i am just not meant for opera stage management. i love opera. i am good at being a stage manager. i think it is the company.

i am working at lake george opera this summer (if they ever mail me the contract)... that is in Saratoga Springs, NY for you ungeographical folks. i was unable to secure a position in colorado like i wanted. i will be about 2 hours from montreal. very cool.

manon lescaut, the opera of the hour, will be opening next saturday. come see it. it is big. it is italian. what more could you want??

i have abandoned all hope of the capital letter. capital... capitol?? it is late. i am going to bed.

lj has changed a lot since i have been here last.

[User Picture]From: thunderemerald
2006-01-19 12:51 am (UTC)

Saratoga Springs, hm? I say we meet up somewhere and take a trip up to Montreal. Because hell yeah.
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